Why did this diet not work for me?


I tried this diet for 2+ months a couple of years ago at the suggestion of my nautropath. Unfortunately, I didn't lose any weight and I got REALLY cranky. Has anyone else had this problem and were you able to remedy it?


This diet/science, works on every 'body', even flies and yeast, etc. There are many factors that might effect your results. Did you have your body fat analyzed, you might of lost fat, but gained muscle and bone. Estrogen levels.

For Dr. Ron to say for sure, patient laboratory work up including cortisol levels thyroid levels etc. and as mentioned a food diary. Sometimes it is just a case of miscommunication and understanding of the information.

Yes, this is a high fat diet, but that does not mean you go out of your way to load up on fat. You use fat to satiate yourself and give you longer term energy, and not eat half a pound of cheese because it is lunch time.

So, it is never 'it did not work for me', as that scientifically does not make sense, but rather why were you not getting the results you were wanting to see, and were you getting results but just not in a way that you could 'see' them.

We have had several say the same thing, and once truly analyzed, it is proven that it was working just uncovering what it is that is in the way.