Rosedale Diet Safety

Rosedale Diet Safety

(Q) This is a great question that was asked

Is it safe to use Dr. Rosedale's diet of low carb, moderate protein and high fat when one is taking blood sugar lowering pharmaceuticals?

(A) Quote from Fiona

We cannot treat you via this site, however, what I heard Dr. Ron telling his patients when he had his clinic, is to monitor your blood sugars and reduce their meds as needed, and not to increase your sugar intake to maintain their meds. His diet works quickly, and beautifully.

However, he might have also adjusted the type of meds they were taking as some are long acting etc. again, we cannot tell you what you can do, you would need to touch base with your doctor, but ultimately all of Dr. Ron's patients had to reduce their blood sugar meds when they started using his Health Plan.

Ken/ Rosedale Support Team