The Rosedale diet verses a low fat diet?

I cannot find anyone who can answer my question about this. There are two main ways that people reverse/control Type 2 diabetes very well - on an adequate protein/low carb diet, and a low fat diet. The former says that too much sugar/simple carbs cause diabetes, the other says the cause is fat. Both ways control diabetes equally well. How does one know for certain who is right, in the sense of which is healthier in the long term to follow?

A low fat diet is an improvement over the standard American diet, however it is not near the improvement one can get on the Rosedale diet, especially for diabetics. I have treated many diabetics over the past 20 years who improved somewhat on a low fat diet, and then I was able improve them considerably more using my diet. I understand there is much confusion, but sometimes a little common sense might intervene. Why feed sugar (or sugar forming foods) to a diabetic that is espoused to a low fat diet? The low fat diet has not been shown to totally reverse type II diabetes, where as the Rosedale diet has frequently done just that. As far as long term health; my diet is the only diet that has been shown to mimic the great effects of caloric restriction on health and longevity, without having to restrict calories. There are several studies and articles here;