Intermittent fasting?

Was wondering what you think of intermittent fasting? I fast for 24 hours every Tuesday. Also after going low-carb I had to supplement with magnesium and have heard others have had to also. Doesn't that point to the importance of vegetables in the diet? I have started eating vegetables with every meal.

Thanks for your time.

Intermittent fasting is fine, and I think it especially has benefits for those not following my diet. Those adhering very closely to my recommended diet can essentially reap the same benefits without having to fast. You are also correct about magnesium; it is a very vital nutrient, especially in the early stages of adopting this diet. The same holds true for potassium as both of these are lost when one excretes excessive fluid after insulin falls. Non-sugary vegetables are fine, as are nuts both of which are micronutrient dense. Thanks for the comment.

Best of Health.