Does Dr. Rosedale accept new patients?

Dr. Rosedale is not seeing patients at this moment. He is researching and writing and traveling to teach his science to others. I wish we could clone Dr. Ron as we just have not found another doctor that treats in the same way, not just the diet portion but in the way that Dr. Ron gets to the route cause of an issue.

The best treatment you can give yourself is simply to follow the diet outlined in the book or on the website. Once you get your body back in fat-burning mode, most everything else will fall into place naturally. There is simply no other way for it to go.

Your body will regain it's ability to listen to the signal that is present in all of us that carries the instructions for your ideal weight and perfect health and will respond accordingly.

You can see a general physician to monitor you, but your diet will have more of an effect on your health than anything you could possibly do.