Ketosis and Ketones - Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis and Ketones

  • It is not ketosis that we are after. Many kinds of amino acids from protein also turns to ketones.. What we want is to burn fatty acids and ketones from burning fat, not protein that is unhealthy.

Therefore I have been against the term "ketogenic diet” since that term was introduced, because this can mean a higher protein diet also.

  • Furthermore, one's blood (and urine) ketones are the ketones that are not being burned. These will do you no good and in fact some (minor) harm. If one is burning ketones appropriately, they will not build up to such a great extent in the blood.

  • Having an appropriate level of protein can lower your fasting blood sugar and also reduce considerably the risk of chronic disease and slow your rate of aging.

Dr. Rosedale