Mother Breast Feeding


I just started the Type A diet yesterday. My husband and I are struggling through it- but we are determined to push through and get to the place where we are really reaping the benefits! I am currently still breat-feeding my 7month baby. Is there any concerns for nursing and starting this diet? I noticed when I pumped at work this morning my milk had a slightly yellow tint to it I have not seen before. (I have also noticed my urine is a bright (almost neon) yellow color which I assume is from the suppliments.) I just wanted to make sure that the diet would be safe for me to pass on to baby thru my milk.
And finally, are the suppliments on the Rosedale list also ok for nursing?

Great job. Everything is very good for you and the baby, the only thing that might be different is the vanadyl sulfate in the quantity that Dr Rosedale recommends for a type I diabetic. Only because it is unknown the effects in those larger quantities for mothers who are best feeding, though small small quantities would be just fine. It is a very important time for you to be taking the fish oil, which is a very beneficial time for your baby right now. Keep plenty of almonds around for snacking on, in your pockets, and your cars ;[) for the first first weeks. Once the body kicks in to fat burning it will get so much easier. Remember your body is addicted to sugar burning right now so will play all kinds of mind tricks to try to get you to eat some sugar in some form or other so be tough! Great sign is after a few weeks you might feel a little tired in the afternoon, which is a great sign that you are getting close to switching over to becoming a fat burning so just keep going! Make sure you are having enough fats, avocados and almonds will give you great energy too.

Keep up the great work.