Solid Foundation

Solid Foundation

Without a Solid Foundation, you will have trouble

There are many diet plans that take off rather rapidly but after a while they begin to crack and crumble. The reason for their demise is that they are built on a weak and shallow foundation. Oh they have lots of advertising/money put into them but yet they do not last.

You can research on Dr. Ron’s Diet and see that it has lasted better than two decades and because of the deep and solid foundation it will continue.

If there is a deep and solid foundation you can place anything on it and it will stand. When it comes to dieting we all have our own likes. For me personally I eat a lot of fish but that does not mean that all should do the same. I came to realize Dr. Ron’s Diet is very flexible and can accommodate anyone’s taste. It is not as rigid as it may appear. If you would like to have long term health with many benefits, then Dr. Ron’s Diet is for you.

We here at Support are “limited” in how much we can assist anyone but we will do our best to help you get on your way to a healthier life.

Dr. Rosedale has spent many years digging deep and building a solid lasting foundation.

Rosedale Support Team