Low energy, what to do?

Question: Are there any recommendations for those following the Rosedale Diet who feel low energy? I have read several testimonials of those who are very happy with their energy levels on this diet, but some seem to have low energy for a longer period. Is the answer just to eat more good fats? ...or are there any nutritional supplements that might help with low energy levels?

Answer: Actually, I just did an interview with David Mendosa where we talked about fats and tiredness quite extensively.

Here is a excerpt from the article. 'In the first 3 week period our bodies have not yet learned how to burn fat. So Dr. Rosedale recommends that for the first few weeks into a very low-carbohydrate diet that the fat we eat needs to be mostly monounsaturated fat and, as a supplement, omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. Our bodies can burn these fats more easily.

“Otherwise, for the first several weeks you very frequently hear people say how tired they are,” he says. “If you don’t restrict saturated fats for the first several weeks, that is what you are going to hear. It takes a lot more skill, if you want to put it that way, to burn saturated fats than unsaturated fats.”