Having difficulty getting beyond 4 PM on the 1st day

I am having difficulty getting beyond 4 PM on the 1st day of starting this program. I get light-headed, feel weak/irritable and sick to my stomach and cannot think straight; which does not work at all with my job. I am consuming eggs + asparagus soup for breakfast, nuts for a snack, light swiss cheese + almonds and green peppers for lunch, and chicken breast slices for a snack around 2:30 -3 PM. By 4-4:30 all the above symptoms kick in full blown. As soon as I eat a starch, I feel like a complelty new person. As far as I know, I am not diabetic (haven't been tested in a year or two). I can live with hunger but its the other symptoms that are pushing me over the edge. Do you have any advice on how to get through the 1st 3-4 days of this program?

We are sorry your are having all these issues. It does sound like you might be hypoglycemic so you should do the day again and then test your blood sugar with a full chemistry screen plus a serum insulin at the same time this will tell you if you are pre-diabetic, if you are then it is all the more important to do this diet. Also make sure you take some magnesium and potassium and fish oil would really help too, we find carlsons with lemon in the bottle the best.