Study 'Age at puberty linked to mother’s prenatal diet' what are your thoughts?

Hi Dr Rosedale, I am a nursing mother of two girls following your diet for sometime now with great results. I would appreciate it if you could comment on the study 'Age at puberty linked to mother’s prenatal diet' that a high fat prenatal diet leads to early puberty. This topic is of great concern to me. Thanks!

I don't know the exact diets used in this study, however the vast majority of so-called “high-fat” diets, especially in animals, is a misnomer and very misleading. The typical mouse chow is hard pellets that are extremely low-fat and very high carbohydrate that can slide down the feeding bottle. What they call “high fat" is just a little bit higher in fat than very low-fat, but still generally quite high in carbohydrate to make the food into pellets. A so-called “high-fat” mouse chow might be something like 40-50% carbohydrate and 30 to 40% fat. This is one of the worst type of diets one can eat where there is enough carbohydrate to prevent the burning of the fat. Other studies that I have seen on humans used a high-fat diet consisting of 100% corn oil (omega 6) that is extremely inflammatory. There really needs to be some sort of standard of what a “high-fat” diet is before conclusions that totally mislead the general public are disseminated. That, unfortunately, is not likely to happen soon. Therefore, short of actually reading and deciphering the actual study that a layperson would have a difficult time doing, the best thing to do would be to totally ignore these type of studies. I'm sorry that you have to be subjected to this sort of confusion. Thanks for the question.

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