Body temperature..

Dr Rosedale talks about body temperature in his book.
How do you recommend checking for this temperature & what is the ideal (or good) temperature range?
I have read a few different references on the web, one being the Broda Barnes method, where you measure underarm (armpit) temp for 10 mins first thing in the morning before rising. (From what i have read, the axillary (armpit) temperature will be lower than the oral temp).

Electronic pregnancy thermometers, the ones women use to see if they are ovulating are actually one of the best ways to measure body temperature and are relatively cheap around $10. The best place to measure is under the tongue. Ideal basal temperature is what you have when you first wake up in the morning, and on the Rosedale diet should be upper 96's lower 97's. We have found that when someone starts our diet, their basal temperature will go down about 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit which is a great improvement.