Is this diet acceptable for people with high energy demands, such as athletes?

We see a number of athletes with extremely high energy demands and, while skeptical at first, they all end up saying the same thing. Not only is a diet like this healthier overall for a person's life, but athletic performance is greatly improved when a person burns fat and becomes sensitive to insulin and leptin. The body can make enough sugar naturally to fulfill the basic needs of even the most devout athlete.

  • When it runs on primarily fat, there is no need to re-fuel or load up on sugar before the event. You hear about athletes "hitting the wall", that happens when they run out of sugar and lack the ability to efficiently burn fat. On a program like this, that doesn't happen.

They can preform at a higher level for a much longer period of time. Of course there will be a learning curve. For the first two to four weeks, they may suffer a bit of a lag, but once that fat-burning kicks in, the results are incredible.

We've seen many athletes over the years and they all report positive results. The sugar that is needed for the quick, immediate energy will still be there, and it will constantly be refilled naturally.

There is no need to take in any more. And when the body can use fat for the rest, it has a constant source of very abundant energy, more than enough for any sport.