Omega-3 from seeds?

I know omega-3 is important but i've been reading lately that taking fish oil is not so good mostly due to the fact its not controlled well and there is no way to know if its rancid. That you should be eating it instead in things like fish, chia seeds and flax seeds. Where does the doc stand on this?


The omega-3 oils that are from flaxseed or other seeds are in the form of of alpha linolenic acid. This must be modified in the body into EPA and DHA to be useful, and it is very difficult for the body to do so. Therefore these are poor substitutes.

You are correct, most of the fish capsules out there are rancid, there are a few that have been packaged and manufactured correctly, but very few, and one would need to know what they are looking for. Taking fish oil out of a bottle like carlsens for example, that you take by spoon is the better way to go. Yes, you can get it from fish but it all depends on the type of fish. Flax seeds are good, if you roast them try not to roast them on too hot a heat. Chia seeds have a vert low net carb count.