Milk. Raw, grass fed, humanely treated milk

(Q) Does Dr. Rosedale only advise against milk that is homogenized and pastuerized or does he also disapprove of raw, grass fed, humanely treated milk.

Why does he feel milk is so bad for us when Weston Price is so much in favor of it? I am a little confused about this.

The more I read the more I am convinced that Dr. Rosedale has the only plan that works and makes us into fat burning machines which makes us cleaner burning machines and much healthier, but I am trying to understand all the details.

(A) Milk, even milk that had all the best loving in the world,

  • there is just nothing much good about milk as it still turns to sugar.

The ingredients are the same, same protein, same fat, same sugar, the basic macro nutrients are the same.

  • The type of sugar that is in milk is especially harmful and the kind of protein that is in milk is also not the greatest, causes lots of allergies and other things.

  • The sugar in milk is lactose. Lactose is a combination of galactose and glucose. Glucose we all know is bad for you. Galactose is many times worse.