coffee, caffeine, why not?

Q. It's recommended that coffee intake be limited to only one cup per day. Nothing is added to explain or justify this limitation. Coffee is a VERY popular beverage these days. I know that a very large number of people reading and adopting The Rosedale Diet would like to have more info concerning the limit on coffee, I sure would. I'm sure that without more explanation many will discount and disregard the advice.

UPDATE to the answer below.
Actually, we had a friend who is in excellent health though he loves his coffee everyday, about 5 cups of coffee, and about 5-6 cups of green tea a day. We measured his blood pressure and it was HIGH 175/110! He agreed to stop all caffeine the following day and only had decaffeinated coffees and herbal teas, his BP was back down to normal-135/85. Now just one day later after a full day of no caffeine it is 135/85. No other changes in diet, exercise or stress. So.. do you want some coffee?

A. This is a great question. Caffeine can raise ones sugar levels, also caffeine can act as a thermogenic, too much would be like racing your car in first gear with the break on, your car would overheat, it is the same in your body - in a nut shell just not a good thing. Though, Dr. Ron always says if the worse thing someone does is to drink coffee then so be it. When I first met Rosedale I was a very heavy strong tea drinker, and I never thought I would switch to decaffeinated teas, but I saw the difference caffeine made to some diabetics - as it was easier to track their blood sugar, and blood pressure changes so I gave it a shot, and once I found a good substitute it really was not that hard a change.

We give you the keys for ultimate health and it is your choice to what extent you take it. So, even a few cups of coffee and then decaffeinated coffee as long as you are following all the right foods would be a tremendous step for some. Some others might push it a little further and have one cup, then the rest all decaffeinated, the next level would be to switch to a coffee substitute like pero or teecchino.


Update By Ken - 01-23-2015

Before I started Dr. Ron's Health Plan I was a very heavy coffee drinker, "about 3 quarts plus", just about every day. I hadn't drank any until recently, it had been over 2 years since I had - I wanted to test how it would affect my B S, well I can report, for me personally, the coffee/caffeine did indeed raise my B S. For me, it is not worth it.