Nuts, can too many be too much.

In the FAQ it states

"There is no maximum on nuts but when you're snacking, try to eat them in smaller doses and then wait to see if you're still hungry. Sometimes it takes the body about 10-15 minutes to get the signal to the brain that you don't need to eat any more. We recommend about 8-10 nuts and then if you're still hungry in 15 minutes, eat 8-10 more. You can do this forever if you so desire."

I realize that nuts give you good fat, but they are also a source of carbs. I feel like I really could eat nuts forever. So that is 40 nuts an hour (or 4oz). Walnut, pecans, almond have about 2 to 4 net carbs per once. So that is about 12 carbs in an hour. Are you saying that, if I wanted to, I could eat 16 ounces of nuts a day (or more) as long as I spread them our so it is only 8-10 nuts every 15 minutes? I would probably get tired of nuts if that was ALL i ate, but I could see myself easily eating a pound of nuts a day, eating a variety, among other permissible foods. Would that fall within the Rosedale guidelines? Or would this be counterproductive due to the associated carb consumption (not to mention protein).

Thank you in advance for your answer.

(A) Thank you so much for your question. The key is to 'eat when you are hungry' so if you are following the diet correctly and after your body has switched to being a fat burner you will not need that many nuts. You need to ask yourself; what are you really eating for? Boredom, habit, etc which are not the reasons to be eating. Also you should get away from wanting to feel full, your goal is to feel satiated. So, as Dr Rosedale stated you should never struggle with hunger on this diet, if you are feeling so hungry all the time then either you are still only burning sugar as your primary fuel, or you are possibly not eating enough fat, though nuts contain good fats, try adding more fat to your food, either through coconut or olive oil, ghee, or avocados for example.