increase osteoblastic activity that increases the protein matrix of bone.

Does Dr. Ron disagree with the use of HRT? I have used it because my mother used it successfully for 20 years. (appeared to have had anti-aging effects) When she was taken off of HRT, many health problems
began- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, colon cancer. But, she survived to age 91. She did break both of her hips though. I had an estrogen metabolism test in 2010 which showed a high 2-OHE1 level and
a high 2:16alpha-Hydroxyestrone ratio, with a normal 16alpha-OHE1 level. These results were thought to be beneficial and not associated with estrogen dependent diseases like lupus or breast cancer. However the report said there may be an increased likelihood of osteoporosis with high 2-OHE1 production.(data was not available to confirm this) But, I have been told by physicians that estrogen is thought to have an effect on osteoclast activity similar to the way bisphosphonates do. I have been hesitant to even consider taking away the estrogen until I get my osteoporosis under control. I am currently taking estrogen pills orally. I started taking MK7 by Jarrow, 90mcg/capsule.

Yes, estrogens reduce osteoclastic activity. But this does not really help osteoporosis. That whole paradigm is totally false. We must increase osteoblastic activity that increases the protein matrix of bone. Improving leptin resistance/increasing leptin sensitivity is one of the few physiological events that does this. Also, improving leptin sensitivity/reducing leptin totally changes estrogen metabolism and metabolites.