Denial to get a leptin RIA fasting blood sample in Sweden

Dear Sir,
I live in Sweden. Having read your Rosedale Diet book with GR8 interest I've tried to get a leptin RIA fasting blood sample by consulting/asking my doctor. She cannot fulfil my wish owing to our Public National Health Care organisation policy. Reason for denial is that there are no sustainable evidence confirming what
you state about the leptin 'role' in the 'fat burning race'. ("If your level is in a healthy range— the optimal fasting leptin level is between 4 and 6 ng/ dL and up to 9 ng/ dL is acceptable— your cells are sensitive to leptin’s signals. You are a fat burner as nature intended you to be, and it is unlikely that you will have a weight problem.")

Please inform me about your references regarding your statements about the
Leptin Health Effects.

Most practitioners and health public health systems are in place and or funded by pharma, thus all approved tests etc will be all in compliance with the pharma business. There are no drugs to treat leptin resistance, therefore there is no incentive to check for it. Furthermore, if one gets their leptin and insulin in check their need for many drugs will not be necessary. This is not good for the pharma business to follow this protocol. There are so many referenced articles, studies, in almost all of Dr. Ron's talks. and also on our blog Also Dr. Ron's 20 years of experience with patients; once the leptin and insulin are in check then all the other factors fall in to place as well. This program works very well, however it is not profitable. This is the reason it has not yet been incorporated in to the main stream, though many thousands of people are already enjoying the benefits.