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Dear Dr Rosedale,

I would just like to say that I am an enthusiastic and very interested reader of your material. I find your work on insulin and Leptin extremely interesting and hope to put your information to work on my close friend who has suffered from weight issues his whole life and has tried everything. We both recently had our blood tested for our levels of leptin and insulin among other things.

His level of insulin was 25 and his leptin was over 12, so he has to get on your program asap. My question which I hope you can find the time to answer for me, is about my blood results. Let me just tell you about me, with obviously me not being right in front of you to see, but i'm very into the gym. I lift weights 4 times a week and do intense cardio( sprint 8 by Phil Campbell) 2 times a week.

My diet is very good(more protein, low carbs, healthy fat,), I stand 6 feet tall and weight 197lbs, athletic lean muscle build. My concern from what i read in your book was about my Leptin levels which were 2.2. You mentioned optimal is 4-6 and below that could be a sign of malnutrition. Do i need to be very concerned about my Leptin levels. I can assure you that i do eat. In fact on weekends I enjoy myself and eat rich foods as well.

My insulin levels were 4.7 which i assume is very good, as according to your book. can you please give me some more insight as to my Leptin levels of 2.2. I know you must get alot of emails. I hope this one finds its way to you. I would love to know if you ever make your way to New York City for seminars or talks. I got introduced to your work from my subscription to the Mercola website. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!

Rosedale Team response.
Great to hear you loved the book and the information. Regards your labs, with different labs the results are slightly different, if it were measured at labcorp it would probably of come out a little higher. In women often athletes with these numbers we find they have a hard time ovulating.

Health and happiness
The Rosedale Team

ATT: Rosedale Team

i did do it at labcorp and leptin was low at 2.2. Dr rosedale recomends at 4-6 and says lower than that could be malnutrion. I can assure you that i eat and im not even doing the rosedale diet. I do have carbs at times(pizza, breads, etc). So my question again, is do i need to worry about 2.2 for leoptin as a male and should i actually go out of my way to raise it? BTW, what is the address and phone # of your clinic in colorado. I would love to come there one day and stop by as a patient

Dear Eric

It is more important for a woman more than a man as it effects many other things for women. For a man it is ok, he just would not be able to survive a famine very well, as it is a sign of low fat storage. So, avoid getting yourself in that situation ;-) As you exercise quite a lot our guess is you burn off the excess sugar you eat. Exercising is a mixed blessing as it also puts stress on your body, you should really eat more good fats when you are working out so much. If you did follow the diet your body would work on a lot more efficient engine.

Health and Happiness.

The Rosedale Team.

Dear Rosedale Team, why is dr Rosedale so against raising the igf-1 factor , especially with naturally means like high intensity cardio?? I am 40 years old and through high intensity workouts i have increased my igf-1 from 160 to 204 and at the same time my %fat has decreased. Now i read his book on pgs 173-174 and he would like them to fall as we age?/? Should that mean i dont do high intensity cardio anymore, or does he mean if i or someone was taking supplements to increase igf, then stop them asap?? BTW, before you answer, please take a minute to go to Dr mercolas site(dr mercola recommended your book, so i figured everybody was on the same page) and look up whats called Sprint 8. Sprint 8 will tell you all about the exercise program that has this major impact on your overall healtrh including the IGF-1 factor

Rosedale Team.
In short, IGF-1 is directly correlated with cancers and rate of aging. The vast majority of modalities that reduce rate of aging also reduce IGF-1.

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Im glad to hear that you will look into what dr mercola is saying and please get back to me and let me know. I think that both Dr Rosedale and Dr Mercola are two great doctors who both want whats best for the public, so im interested to hear why they are separate pages when it comes to this topic of IGF-1 factor. I will be waiting to hear from you, thanks Fiona

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The Rosedale Team

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Dr Mercola also mentions in many locations on his website, copied here "The risk of cancer is higher among people with raised concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-I".

Dr Rosedale is for exercise but not with the goal of rising your IGF, and it is likely exercise might be good despite rising IGF and not because of it. It is however a great topic, and we will have Dr Rosedale write more on this in our newsletter and future blog, as it does deserve a detailed explanation of the true picture.

The Rosedale Team.