Diabetic Borderline - Rosedale Diet


I was told that I'm borderline diabetic. I do not want to become diabetic, is that possible or only slow down the process is what I can do with Rosedale diet.

My question, should I be on the simple supplement plan or the plus supplement

(A) By Fiona

I can say that many of Dr. Rosedale's patients were either borderline diabetic, or full type II diabetic and they are now and continue to be full non diabetic.

Maintain the lifestyle as Dr. Ron suggests and taking the supplements will be your key to maintaining that success. The plus supplements are very important for someone that is getting off a lot of drugs, and needing a longer recovery road, thus needs all the help they can get.

It might be good for you to start out with the plus plan and then in a few months move to the base plan.

Ken/ Rosedale Support Team