Cholesterol 300 500 600

Question. I just found out my cholesterol is 300. Can your diet normalize this?

Answer. Cholesterol is not bad as you have been taught, you can read more about it in this article. Cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease

You can also read many of the testimonials on the website as well, but yes it will help with your numbers all of them, hugely. Also, the only number with regard to cholesterol that is important is the cholesterol size, you can have a VAP test for this.

Please read and listen to Dr. Ron research on cholesterol on our blog We cannot treat anyone over the web.

However, I can tell you that I have heard Dr. Ron tell most of his patients not to worry.. and the only time he "does more" investigation is where it is higher than 500.

The particle size is the important one, seeing they are large and fluffy is perfect verses small. They do not test this as standard of practice because there is not a pill to change the particle size, only diet ;-). Low mortality is linked with low cholesterol.

Cholesterol – not the villain

Dr. Ron mentions that LDL some times does go up on this diet, but one must understand the truth about cholesterol on the whole and not the pharmaceutical/medical industry version that cholesterol is the villain. You can listen to many interviews on the topic on our blog and get all the details there.

Low cholesterol is actually linked with a higher mortality. Dr. Ron also mentioned, “unless the numbers are in the 600+ then focus more on the particle size”.