Cold & Flu season .. what should I take?

Cold & Flu

With Cold & Flu season upon us and if you do get sick be especially strict about avoiding foods that turn to sugar and excess protein. This is especially helpful for immunity. There are a multitude of supplements that can help the immune system, such as lactoferrin and beta glucan, vitamin C (but not the type that has sucrose mixed in the ingredients).

If you feel a little scratchy throat or runny nose the worse thing you can do is take a decongestant, the runny nose is there for a purpose, to flush out what you have caught! Take a hot bath and steam as much as you can, the hot bath will trick your body into thinking you have a fever and kick your immune system in to gear.

We will post another long post explaining the detriments of taking dangerous decongestants, so in the mean time, just don't take them.