Kombucha.. marketing fad or a great healthy option?

Q. May one have Kombucha on the Rosedale Plan? It has 7 carbs with 2 grams sugar, but has benefits of fermentation.

A. Sorry to burst the Kombucha bubble but here are a two reasons why it might not be all it is hyped up to be; 1. It has 7 grams of carbs and 0 fiber so it is actually 7 grams of sugar. 2. Many years ago when Kombucha was popular Dr. Ron had several patients where their liver enzymes were elevated indicating damage to the liver. There was nothing in their diet or otherwise to explain. Dr. Ron had them stop was their Kombucha, which was the only change to their diet and then he tested them again after a week and their liver enzymes dropped right back down again.