How important is it to have nutritional supplements?

  • How important is it to have nutritional supplements? The food program seems healthy and balanced to me.

Supplements are important, but the diet is the cornerstone of health. Changing your diet is the single most significant thing you can do to improve your overall health and the quality of your life.

That said, no matter how healthy you eat, there are important vitamins that you simply cannot get out of your diet.

Supplements are designed as a companion to a healthy eating plan and will help in a wide variety of ways. At the very least you should be taking a good multi-vitamin and an omega-3 or fish oil.

Should you desire something more comprehensive, our vitamin formula, LIFE supplements in India, and Dr Rosedale's elite line soon to be re-launched in the USA.

Life supplement is a protein rich all-in-one health food product designed to be the perfect complement to our dietary plan. Not only does it help eliminate those bothersome sugar cravings, it was very skillfully crafted and designed by Dr. Rosedale to give your body everything it requires to make you as healthy and happy as possible.

It includes a good source of protein (largely lacking in a vegetarian diet), some very healthy MCT oil and also a powerful blend of all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to bring your body to a state of optimum harmony and health.

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