Feeling weak, what about whey protein?

(Q) Have been following your diet suggestions, but am weak & hungry most of the time. Is whey protein ok or what would you suggest for a protein shake?

(A) Whey Protein is the best form of protein available. It is the most absorbable and easily available for your body to use.

  • However, make sure as many are loaded with sugars, so check the labels always. Carbs -fibre -sugar alcohol = sugar. You will be surprised what might be added.

If you have just started the diet, it takes about 2-4 weeks before your body becomes acclimated to burning fat. Once it does, you'll notice your hunger decrease (as your body will pretty much always be eating) and your energy will skyrocket. Make sure also that you are taking magnesium and potassium.

* Liquid whey contains lactose, also whey
appears to *stimulate* insulin release, 
in type 2 diabetics, **this is not good**.
  • To my understanding at this time, Whether you are diabetic or not, any product that stimulates insulin increase, is not good