Can I replace milk with soy?

Here are a few facts both about milk, and about soy milk and soy protein which might help you.

Soy milk is not such a great option as it has soy bean oil in it.

  • Also, soy protein has been shown to cause heart disease compared to other proteins.

Milk, even milk that had all the best loving in the world, organic or raw milk, there is just nothing much good about milk as it still turns to sugar.

The type of sugar that is in milk is especially harmful and the kind of protein that is in milk is also not the greatest, causes lots of allergies and other things. The sugar in milk is lactose. Lactose is a combination of galactose and glucose. Glucose we all know is bad for you.

Galactose is many times worse. Now, if you are just talking a little milk in your tea or coffee, then go for it with a full fat organic milk if you can. However, drinking milk or soy milk is just not a healthy thing to do, contrary to what we were all told growing up.