Protein - Weight Chart

  • Calculating Protein

General references only – does not need to be exact

  • Protein intake is: minus 10% recommended – not more than 20g per meal

  • Height ranges are between 4' 10"   thru   6' 4"

  • In order to weigh approximately the below weight use the approximate daily intake of protein – it is recommended not to exceed 20 grams of protein in any given meal. Total daily protein includes protein from meals and snacks.

    Weight in Pounds  |  Weight in Kilograms  |  Protein – Total Daily Intake

    200lbs          90kg              81g
    195lbs          88kg              79g
    190lbs          86kg              76g
    185lbs          83kg              74g
    180lbs          81kg              72g
    175lbs          79kg              71g
    170lbs          77kg              69g
    165lbs          74kg              66g
    160lbs          72kg              64g
    155lbs          70kg              63g
    150lbs          68kg              61g
    145lbs          65kg              58g
    140lbs          63kg              56g
    135lbs          61kg              54g
    130lbs          58kg              52g
    125lbs          56kg              50g
    120lbs          54kg              48g
    115lbs          52kg              46g
    110lbs          49kg              44g
    105lbs          47kg              42g
    100lbs          45kg              40g

This PDF version of the Protein Weight Chart is a great resource tool for your library.

Calculating Protein Amount

On average, you want to have approximately one gram of protein for every kilogram of lean body mass (that is, the weight of your body minus the fat - we all have some fat).

The easiest way to calculate your daily protein requirement is to take your ideal weight in kilograms (that is, what you would like to weigh if you could weigh anything) and have roughly one gram of protein per kilogram, minus 10%.

For example, if you were a woman who is 5.4 ft (165 centimeters) tall, your ‘ideal’ weight would likely be in the neighborhood of 110 lbs (50 kilograms).

Thus, your protein intake per day should be somewhere around the 50g - 10% = 45 grams of protein, split approximately evenly between meals.

If you have an especially active lifestyle, you can add 5-10 grams or so. An egg is roughly 6-8g of protein and a piece of meat the size of a deck of cards is around 15.

Remember this is 15 grams of protein; the meat will weigh much more as it also has water and fat, so we are not talking about the 'weight' of the meat, but the protein grams.

This doesn’t have to be exact, but it’s a good ballpark figure to keep in mind when you’re eating.

Males will have a little more, if you are pregnant you would add about 5 grams as well.