Many people ask 'can I eat the yoke of an egg'. In short, YES!

The egg yolk is the most nutritious part of the egg! There are several articles about cholesterol on the website as well. The best way to eat eggs, would be to boil, fry sunnyside up but not on such a high temperature. When you scramble an egg the cholesterol in the yoke in the process of beating gets oxidized.

Also this is part of an article written on eggs..

Eggs are the beginning of all animal life, and have evolved to contain those nutrients most necessary and healthy to initiate and sustain life, and that includes the highest amount of cholesterol in any food.. The medical profession saying that eggs are bad for you is calling mother nature a liar. It is also interesting that eggs contain the same proportion of ideal macronutrients that I have been recommending for decades and is backed up by the modern science of the biology of aging including the science and physiology of the insulin and leptin metabolic pathways. These include adequate but not excess quality protein, high amounts of quality fats, very little carbohydrates... and lots of cholesterol that is necessary to make any cell and every cell on earth. When you have to replace old, worn-out and damaged cells (and you are always having to do this to maintain your health and life) you must make cholesterol and transport it (by LDL that is your savior not your killer) to where you are making the new cells. If you don't eat the cholesterol, your body will be sure to make it itself, otherwise you will die. It is interesting to note that eggs contain almost no carbohydrates. We don't need or want much (non-fiber) carbohydrates for health or for life. The quantity and kinds of nutrients that are in eggs could not disagree more with what the medical profession has been telling us to eat for the last half-century. Could that be why our rates of obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing and that for the first time in the history of mankind average lifespan is likely to go down?... Because we're listening to what the American Diabetes Association, the American Medical Association, most nutritionists, etc. etc. have been telling us to eat? The answer to that I believe is a wholehearted yes, and their advice, that has been based on virtually no science, has been killing us in droves for decades now.