Type I diabetic, 29 years old active runner

My husband has Type 1 diabetes (29 years old and an active runner) he (verly likely) developed after taking a strong steriod to fight a severe allergic reaction to Posion Ivy about 7 years ago.
He was mis-diagnosed for 2 years as a type 2 diabetic and is now Type 1 insulin dependent and on an insulin pump.

How can we go about starting your diet while he is on the pump?
We just discovered your life/diet plan and have hopes that his diabetes can be better manange (maybe even reversed!) but don't know the best way to start medically.
Do we start the diet and in a couple of days lower his basal rate? Should he stop the pump altogether and go back to giving injections.


We are so very excited for you that you are educating yourselves into the roots of health which will get Andrew on a long term healthier road than just assuming that he has to follow the standard of care procedure which would only give him the standard of care results would prevail.

A great website for you to visit and learn so much from is a lady who was diagnosed with type I but refused to settle with that, she is a good friend of ours and former patient of Dr Rosedale's, Shelly Schlender www.meandmydiabeties.com.

The first thing you want to find out is, by way of a miracle, if your islet cells are producing any insulin on their own at all. However, after being on the insulin pump it might be a safe bet to say that they will be all burnt out by now. So go and get a c-peptide test done. If you are producing even a little insulin then you can go for gold and aim for turning this ship around and getting you to a type II and then onwards from there.

Diabetes is a serious disease with terrible consequences to your long term health, please take this diet as though it is your medicine and allow it to be your map to long term health and freedom as it is very very powerful. There will be certain supplements that will work incredibly well for you and I would venture to say is a must for you to take a hold and begin to allow you some control.