osteopenia to osteoporosis.

osteopenia to osteoporosis.

I am a 61 yr old female who, with my last bone density scan moved from osteopenia to osteoporosis. My lumbar spine scan showed an 8.2% loss vs my previous scan 3 1/2 yrs before. I have been studying nutrition for at least 10 years, since I found out I had osteopenia. This included reading Dr. Rosedale's book soon after it was released. I have been gluten free (not 100%, but close) for about 8 years; but have been eating rice products and potatoes. I have a Fage 2% yogurt every day and eat hard cheeses and goat cheese and butter from grass fed cows. I have been trying to stay on a yeast-free diet because I have a tendency towards candida overgrowth in my gut. One of the best things I have found is a high quality collagen hydrolysate powder made from grass fed beef. There was a time when I felt I was not absorbing much of my food. My questions are:

1)do I have enough fat in my body to count on it to burn fat when it needs energy if I follow your diet plan completely? I am 5' 5" tall & weigh 112lbs.

2) what supplements should I be taking? I have been taking vitamin D3 and B12 for about 1 year. Also, since menopause, have been taking estradiol 0.5mg and prometrium 100mg. I have wanted to take vitamin K based on your book but was not sure of which product to use.

I have recently read that osteoporosis may be linked to Alzheimer's disease. My father was confirmed to have had this upon autopsy. For this and my osteoporosis, I have a renewed interest in your work. Can you help?

Take K2 Mk7 would be great and also DHEA. Dr. Ron just said the estrogen that you are taking will not help the strength of your bones which is why it is typically given, are you taking it by mouth of transdermal? On our blog there are 2 or 3 interviews regarding calcium you really should listen to them or read them. WWW.DrRosedale.com/blog.