I know my inflammation and immune issues are originating from my gut issues..

A. I have had gut issues all of my life. It could be playing a role in the inflammation response I get. What is your approach to gut issues? How does Dr. Rosedale clear them? I have cleaned up my diet a lot because of the indigestion, gas, bloating, etc. and it has helped but I know I still have issues. I also have a suspicion that I am dealing with candida, but, again, a persistant problem.

A. If you have never had your gut flora tested by doing a stool test then for sure this is a must to know what you are dealing with as food alone will not clear up the bad bacteria and/or yeast. It is a process and far to long to explain here, as each answer along the way will determine the next step to be taken. The key is knowing what you have there to know what you need to do. There are other research questions, like knowing if each time you took antibiotics did you also take a nystatin as well? and then did you replenish with some probiotics, the important step here is the nystatin.

Q. What if I not have insurance to have all this done properly, as you suggested guided by a knowledgable doctor, or if I cannot find a doctor that might be knowledgable enough to do it right. This has always been a frustrating part of trying to be healthy and vital is finding people who can support me in my journey.

A. It is a process for sure and so it is impossible for Dr. Rosedale to just give a blanket answer for everyone. However, if someone feels that they have an overgrowth of yeast and / or bad bacteria and have a history of taking a lot of antibiotics over their life time but just cannot afford to have stool test and having it followed closely by a specialist then the next best thing would be to at least take a nystatin which will kill the yeast, the nystatin is harmless as it is not absorbed, though you will need a prescription. If you cannot get a prescription then take a good grapefruit seed extract, both would be followed by good fermented foods and/or a probiotic.