Does your doctor know the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis?

N. did a urine test today requested by his diabetic that the ketones have come high... above 4 which he feels is because of lack of carbohydrate.... your views please and what should we do

One cannot burn fat without forming ketones. As time goes on, N. will utilize the ketones more efficiently, and though the production will hopefully still be high, his spillover in the urine will be less as he will be burning it better. If his doctor does not know the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis, he should get out of the business. I am sorry to say this, but do not listen to your doctor. Listening to him got N. to where he was. We are not happy with that, and we will arrive at a far better and healthier place.

(Note, 'N' when Dr. Rosedale met him was on several drugs for his diabetes, was gaining weight and was not heading in a good direction).