Pre-existing hypothyroidism

Pre-existing hypothyroidism


Since one of the effects of the Rosedale diet is a lowering of thyroid hormone, is there any danger for someone who prior to undertaking the dietary regime already has a low functioning thyroid will exacerbate the condition? Can you please check with Dr. Rosedale and confirm. I would be interested in hearing his reasoning if this is not a potential problem. Thanks in advance. Jim


The Rosedale Diet lowers the active thyroid hormone (free T3), but TSH stays the same or lowers also, that is opposite to what happens with hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a disease state, where the thyroid is low (or even normal to begin with) but where the pituitary gland, through thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), has to yell at the thyroid to get it to work.

Being able to reduce thyroid on the Rosedale diet is like being able to reduce the idle rpm setting on your car because the engine is functioning better; the timing is right, it has good spark plugs, clean, high quality fuel, and does not need to rev up so much to stay running (like higher thyroid), and will in fact have greater acceleration (perceived available energy), while at the same time get much better mileage; will run longer i.e. live longer.