Glucophage for glucose intolerance or something better?

I am a physician w/ glucose intolerance(FBS=110).I am lean(5'6",155#),exercise regularly and follow your diet principles (I do like occasional low fat riccota and cottage cheese). Do you still advocate avoidance of sweet potatoes and pumpkin --didn't see them on the "avoid" list on your website.
What are your thoughts on glucophage for glucose intolerance?

Sweet potato and pumpkin would still have too much glucose forming starch for you.
As far as Glucophage; it's the only medication that is acceptable in my opinion for diabetes, though not great. As you likely know, it works by converting glucose into lactic acid that, itself isn't so great especially for someone who is exercising. A better choice would be benfotiamine, a fat soluble form of thiamine that converts glucose into ribose intracellularly, and then the ribose itself is a great substrate for RNA and other things.