Diabetic Neuropathy

I would like to share a little about my bout with “diabetic neuropathy” that took place in both legs and feet. It took place for several years and was getting worse up to the time I came across Dr. Rosedale's Health Plan. I can not express enough how grateful I am for his health plan – it has literally been a life saver.

From the knees down I was loosing hair but I have noticed for the past few months I am starting to sprout a new growth of hair PLUS my legs and feet are no longer partially numb or tingling.

I began Dr. Ron's Health Plan in June 2012 and since that time many great things have taken place, such as the irregular heart rhythm that I had, isn't taking place as before. I do have an enlarge heart which I believe is connected to “years of uncontrolled high blood pressure”, even though I was taking all the BP meds that were prescribed.

Ken/ Rosedale Support Team