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(Q) I am a recovering vegan where I lost 100 lbs in the past year, mostly by juicing. I still have about 50 more to loose. I am a 53 year old female. Although I now have the a1c of a non diabetic, i still had huge blood sugar swings eating a vegan diet. It got to where I was hungry all the time and just couldn't satiate the hunger no matter what I ate.

I started researching why I couldn't seem to loose any more weight and it led me to leptin and ultimately to your diet

I have been following your diet now for a week and I've lost 4 pounds! And I feel the best I have felt in years.

In your book you have supplement recommendations, but I was wondering since the book was written sometime ago, if your recommendations for supplements have changed in light of possibly new research.

(A) Ken/ Rosedale Support Team

The supplement recommendations are still valid

Dr. Ron is doing a lot of research these days but for now everything that is in his book remains up-to-date, even though it was written some time ago.

The longer you are on Dr. Ron's Plan, the more health benefits you will come to recognize. His Health Plan is so much more than weight loss, that is only one of the benefits that occurs, it sure has for me.

Thank you for visiting and wishing you the best of health on your journey - you will amazed in the weeks & months ahead.