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29 May, 2013 09:50 PM

I am worried I'm not eating enough protein (animal) but whenever I eat more than 10-12 g at a time, i find I am hungry in an hour. I also recently realized that breakfast causes ravenous hunger soon after eaten especially if it contains any protein, so I now skip breakfast and eat between 12-2 and last meal at 6. I try to get at least two protein meals of 12g in and some days a small fat snack. I have digestive and blood sugar issues so meals are small and usually salads with protein and some veggies and olive oil dip. I'm 5'7" and 112. I lost 6 #'s after skipping breakfast tho still eating the same amount of food. I'm thinking it's an insulin spike with the protein but I can't figure out how to eat enough without spiking it. Should I eat more or less fat with it? I love my veggies, maybe I'm eating too many of those? How low of animal protein can I go? Most days I'm around 25g animal and maybe a few more with veggies and a few nuts here and there. I feel good but lately protein is not my friend. Please help! I don't want to waste away,LOLI'm worried about muscle preservation.. BTW, I am VERY fat adapted (about 80-85% calories)and very low carb. Your diet has helped me emmensly but I still need to figure out the protein thing.

Thank you so much

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Fiona on 20 Aug, 2013 11:02 PM

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    Interesting questions. sorry Dr. Ron is on the road right now, he does answer the public questions when he can, would you mind if I make your public while keeping your email address private?

  2. 2 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 21 Aug, 2013 12:52 PM

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    You sure can and thank you. Just as an update, I have lost muscle and working on building it up but I feel I do need more protein but it does raise my blood sugar, not high but higher than I like. I’m just not sure how to eat more and stay balanced. Fasting until noon has made all the difference in the ravenous morning hunger but I still struggle with nausea after my first meal, no matter what it is. It usually gets better around 3. I can’t figure that out either. Thanks for all your help


  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by Ken on 21 Aug, 2013 04:38 PM

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    Hi Kristin

    How high does your blood sugar raise with any extra protein?

    25g of daily protein intake sure seems low - what type of animal protein do you consume most, "fish, chicken, beef" on a regular basis? Is it wild caught, or grass-fed?

    I am 5' 10" @63 yrs of age: was 232 #s with a 42" waist -- now at 145 #s with a 29" waist. I too have muscle loss but I am not concerned about it yet. This and more has taken place since June 2012.

    My protein intake is approx 42g daily. I don't feel that I have lost muscle strength.

    When I do get a little hungry I have about a cup of salad, kale or spinach, with 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil (for extra fat content) or munch on a celery stick.


  4. 4 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 21 Aug, 2013 11:31 PM

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    Hi Ken,
    My BS rarely goes above 120 but it comes down slow, I think because I’m VLC (ONLY non starchy veggies) that the gluconeogenesis takes awhile with the protein and by then the insulin is used up?? I started fasting until noonish because if I eat before noon I get RAVENOUSLY hungry. Delaying breakfast has made that ALL gone. I have also found that my Bs peaks from protein at about the 1.5 hour mark but comes down slow. BUT, if I have a fat snack, or like you, a small veggies snack at about the two hour mark, it comes down faster. I believe it’s bringing in insulin. I find also ramping protein during the day helps. 1 OZ AT 1ST MEAL, 2 at second at 3 at dinner. Now I’m trying to hit 42g a day. I try to eat around noon, 2:30 or 3 and 6. Nothing after 6. Anything I eat to start the day makes me nauseous but that is getting a bit better. I have no idea what that’s all you?

    When I say 25g I am speaking only of animal proteins, not veg or nuts. I ONLY eat grass fed and wild and more fish than red but more red than poultry. Again I’m aiming for 42 but don’t always get there as I hate to start the nausea. I FEEL so much better with fasting but I sure don’t think I’m eating enough. IF I eat too much protein I get tired as well. I am menopausal now and I know that doesn’t help. The older I get, the more I crave veggies.

    I have been doing yoga and my legs have filled out but my arms are literally twigs and it’s gross. I do eat a lot of fat in homemade mayo, olive oil, nuts/seeds, avocado and the fats in my proteins. My stomach sucks so meals during the day are small and most would consider dinner small.

    As of recently,
    BF- 1 oz protein on a romaine wrap and a few veggies w/mayo
    lunch- 2oz protein on about 2 cups greens and celery, broc, brussel whatever veggies I have and 1/4- 1/2 oz nuts/seeds
    dinner-3 oz protein, salad, more veggies and mayo, a few nuts and 4 or 5 blueberries for dessert. LOL
    sometimes BF is 2 oz guac and celery.
    I eat no starch, sugar, processed fruit other than a few berries and not every day.
    Lots of veggies and fat are my mainstays
    Sorry so long. Any help is great. What does your menu look like? are you diabetic?

  5. Support Staff 5 Posted by Ken on 22 Aug, 2013 12:54 AM

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    Greetings Kristin

    It appears that you had been at this type of thing for awhile. When I first began using Dr. Ron's Plan in June 2012 I started with the A List from his book and have stayed with that list since then.

    I have 3 main daily meals. Since Feb 2013 my menu for all 3 meals is as follows:

    12g to 14g of salmon for protein - every now & then I'll have some yellowfin tuna - rarely I will have chicken and I can't remember the last time I had any beef.

    1 to 1 & 1/2 cups of raw (uncooked) kale or spinach greens, ocassionally I will use a little cauliflower or broc mixed in for a salad.

    1 to 6 teaspoons of olive oil for total 3 salads, with a very small salad - if I do get hungry. I am going to try coconut oil pretty soon and see how it goes. My research on coconut oil sounds inviting. I also only drink water.

    Many that I encounter kinda snicker at my simple but odd approach. However it is working great for me and I am in much better health than I was a year ago.

    I was type2 diabetic for around 10 to 12 years, which kept getting worse.

    I have my health journey, with stats, posted on my website if ya wanna take a peek. Note: if you view from outside the USA you most likely will not be able to get thru - I had to do a lot of blocking due to spammers, etc. Ken's Health Journey

    Back in June 2013 my doctor officially took me out of the system as being diabetic, this is wonderful. My BS runs 60s to 70s now, occassionally peeks in the 80s.

    I am looking forward to further health improvements and sure hope that you have more improvements as well.


  6. 6 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 22 Aug, 2013 01:31 AM

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    I know this will sound weird but do you know your blood type? Mine is O and I have followed the Blood Type Diet which improved my health immensely initially. However I was way over eating protein for awhile after using the forums which took it’s toll. Bad idea. O’s tend to have very hardy appetites and need to eat often. A’s lack appetites and thrive closer to vegetarian. I do eat a lot of salmon, yellowfin tuna, a variety of trouts and cod along with some shrimp. I do get a hankering for red meats 1 or 2 meals a week but I keep those portions small and only eat them when I crave them. I like chicken thighs but only have them once in awhile. Cornish hen and organic turkey as well.

    I have a much bigger appetite than you and I need more veggies. I tried the three small meals spaced 4 hours apart and was literally starving but that was the time I was ravenous eating before noon so I was constantly fighting food every minute of the day. It was intolerable and way too stressful on me and my system. Keeping meals smallish and in a much smaller eating window helps a lot.

    I need a little more fat than you it seems too. I do about 2-3 tsp on salad but have a few nuts, veg/mayo or guac and celery if I’m still hungry. IF I eat smaller, I rarely go over 100 but I do need to eat a snack then. I also know I do better with more veggies under my protein than just protein. Apparently I gluconeogenesis very well. I’m going to keep trying the 7g/14g/21g thing and see how it goes. I’d love to do the same amount each meal but protein in my 1st meal causes an imbalance which is why I’m trying the ramp up thing. I weigh 112 and am 5’7 or 8 so not sure what me requirements are for ME. 30ish feels good but seems low and again with the muscle loss. Yoga seems to be helping and my hubby said as long as I’m able to build muscle I’m probably getting enough. My highest A1c was 6.3 but that doesn’t work for me. IF I don’t eat enough I find I will have a gorge and that’s never good! It’s usually on nuts!

    Do you exercise?
    What time of day do you have your meal? 4 hours apart?
    Doesn’t sound like many calories for you. Are you active?
    My fastings are usually 70’s –low 80’s and stays there except in my 6 hour eating window. 60’s I feel bad and it pops up to mid 80’s and then stays there.
    I’ll take a look at your journey!

    Sounds like you made huge progress!!! Congrats!!

    PS-coconut oil gives me a headache and nauseous stomach but I loved eggs cooked in it!! I know lots of people that don’t do well with it.

  7. 7 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 22 Aug, 2013 02:01 AM

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    Sorry to bother you but part of the protein problem is that my 1st meal of the day seems better without any protein. Just veggies or guac and celery BUT then I get even less protein. I eat spinach, kale, broccoli, swiss chard, celery and radishes pretty much every day. collards, brussel sprouts, zuchini and some odds and ends veggies when I feel like them. I usually use romaine or green leaf and spinach for salads topped with 1T red onion and chopped artichoke. Salads are about 2 cups CHOPPED lettuces and then about 1 cup of other veggies and this is 2 times a day, at my 2 or 3 meal and dinner. Each meal ends with one radish,LOL. This week I have had 3 blueberries and 2 nuts, either macs, walnuts or a pinch of pumpkin seeds to close the meal too. I tried more what you do, more protein than veg and it doesn’t work, I get hungrier than before I ate so I need more veggies than protein in proportion. anything you see that can help? I just took my BS 2.5 hours after eating and it was 79. I’m good with that. Animal protein during the day causes weird imbalances. Dinner is no problem, hence the ramp idea. I’m also thinking if protein imbalances me and makes me hungrier, it’s not good for me but at the same time, I know I need it. I’m just trying to figure out how much!! That’s the whole problem. All this has changed either as I’ve aged or menopause because I used to eat TONS of it with no issue. Although honestly, that’s when my A1c was highest! That’s when I found Dr Rosedale and it made a huge difference. I’d lve to only eat protein at dinner and a small amount at 2 or 3 but that’s when I get to less than 30g

  8. Support Staff 8 Posted by Ken on 22 Aug, 2013 01:48 PM

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    Hi Kristin

    My blood type is 0.

    Weather permitting I get out around 5am for a two mile fast paced walk Monday thru Friday before any morning meal. Generally I don't sit still very long and would say that I am fairly active. There are times that I get tied up with my website but not all day everyday.

    Meal time frames are:
    morn = 7a - 9a
    midday = 11a - 1p
    eve = 3p - 5p

    I also take vitamins / supplements with morn and eve meals.

    During the day I usually work out a little with some weights for upper body exercise (and 2-3 times a week I get out for a 2 mile walk during the day and around a one mile walk the days I don't do a 2 miler) while I do my daily routine website work - in the evening before retiring I usually get on the "ole elliptical" for a 3 to 5 minute moderate spin and do a light quick upper body workout with some dumb-bells.

    My eating menu is general in nature and I do not have it set in stone - like this morn I had an avocado instead of kale or spinach.

    My protein intake pretty much stays the same per meal. I use the kale, spinach, etc mainly for fiber content and nutrition as well. I am experimenting with olive oil to regulate any hunger issues & loss or gain of weight instead of protein.

    It is my understanding that coconut oil has much MCTs fats that the body assimlates easily and is good for helping with muscle loss. So I am looking forward to taking coconut oil for a spin as I have the olive oil. I find in Dr. Ron's Health Plan that he gives an outline for health and there is room for experimenting and still stay within this outline. I will be beginning this new experiment tomorrow and I'm sure there are other areas I will be checking into in the days ahead.

    My way of doing this may not be the way others would approach it but there is freedom to develop our own routine but I would suggest to leave room for expansion into a healthier life, no matter what age we begin.

    Although I am 63 soon to be 64, I feel like an older young adult :-)

    Hopefully Dr. Ron will be able to suggest something that will help you on your way to living a healthier life.

    Continue to hang in there.....


  9. Support Staff 9 Posted by Ken on 22 Aug, 2013 06:43 PM

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    Kristin your comment from above: Doesn’t sound like many calories for you. Are you active? got me to thinking. Since beginning with Dr. Ron June 2012 I have never even thought of how many calories I was consuming, so I did some checking and rechecking.

    Since around Feb 2013 my calorie daily intake has been 800 to 1,000.

    For the last 40 years my weight has been between 200# - 250#. The last 30 yrs has been in the 225 to 250 range. I do have loose skin, mostly in the upper body. It has been stretched for many many years, so it is to be expected when the stored fat is no longer there (well almost all gone anyway) - this does not bother me though. I am assuming that this stored fat has helped me from having a starving feeling this past year when my calorie intake has been as low as it has been. I find this interesting. I also assume that over time this loose skin will shrink to some exent. I read an article the other day that briefly mentioned this.

    All this sounds good anyway. Looking forward to finding out. I have about a 3 to five pound pocket of fat around my mid-section that has been getting smaller over the last 3 wks. I have went thru periods of loosing weight then stopping for a month or so then start again. I take that to mean that my body is making adjustments to the new me. This is also interesting.


  10. 10 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 22 Aug, 2013 07:48 PM

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    This is where the problem lies. That is roughly my caloric intake as well and I am out of stored fat reserves. Now I don’t know where to go to stop shrinking/starving myself. I do not feel like I’m starving, I do eat and it’s all nutritious but between having to eat small meals, low protein and putting 4ish hours in between, how do I eat more and of what without raising my blood sugar? I experimented today and ate 3 oz chicken thigh instead of my usual 7-10g at 1 and at 2:30 my bs was 119. I plan on another 2.5 or 3 oz for dinner and my numbers are better with the dinner meal. I know it’s still normal but higher than I like it. I have experimented with eating LOTS of fat(85% calories) and lower fat and my weight doesn’t change either way. I’m thinking the more fat I eat, the more I can fuel my body for but I don’t gain weight. It took me around a year too. I was never fat but have lost about 15#’s by lowering protein. This is my dilemma with protein. I think I could gain if I could eat a little more of it but then BS goes up. Does protein raise you? And by how much? Meal size matters as well. Sometimes I just think, eat the protein (3oz) 2x a day and remember that I don’t eat from 6pm until at least 1 and my bs stays in the 80’s , OR eat smaller and maybe every 2 hours and it won’t go as high. I have been VLC for about 15 years so I am very good at gluconeogenesis but also think I am very low insulin with fasting and doing yoga in a fasted state. I guess I don’t know where to go from here...
    Thanks for your feedback

  11. 11 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 22 Aug, 2013 08:10 PM

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    BTW, don’t you ever get hungry? Or GORGE? This happens to me more now that I have zero fat left. They always tell us how to lose weight but never tell us what to do when it’s all gone!

  12. 12 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 23 Aug, 2013 12:29 AM

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    Seriously...what are you going to do when all your fat reserves are gone and you still have to eat small, space them and low protein?? What are you going to do when you can’t supply your energy with fat reserves and you start dipping into your muscles?? I did what you are doing and was fine until I had no more reserves. I really like my eating plan IF someone could tell me I’m eating enough protein, LOL. I don’t like feeling full, love my veggies/mayo/nuts/guac but can one live on green veggies and healthy fats? I was my largest whenn I was HIGH protein and my lowest on low protein keeping fats and veggies relatively the same so I know protein is the key to weight gain but is that inflammation if I can’t process it right ? That’s no good either.

  13. Support Staff 13 Posted by Ken on 23 Aug, 2013 01:47 AM

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    As yet I don't get what I would call "hungry hungry" but from time to time I get a slight hunger. To curb that I munch on a celery stick or have about a half cup of kale or spinach mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and it takes care of it.

    When this fat reserve gets depleted it will be yet another interesting thing to work thru. However, it does seem that the body would try to keep a little reserve to see one thru a "slump time" before turning in on itself.

    You ask: can one live on green veggies and healthy fats? I have been working on this theme since around the first of March 2013, so far it has went well. I watch the intake of fiber, healthy fats, protein, sodium, potassium and magnesium. I am realizing that it will not be the exact same for everyone so I experiment with staying within the accepted ball park amounts like fiber, etc for now.

    I have labs coming up in Dec, which will hopefully give me a clue of how things are going. My reserve should be gone before then.

    It does seem that one could live on greens (fiber), healthy fats and moderate protein. I don't know for sure until I live it out myself.

    I haven't had a weight goal set in stone and I could raise my intake of protein, healthy fats but for now I am going to shoot for and maintain around 140#s, not too far to go now, probably by October.

    Tried a short light jog this afternoon, not bad for an old X overweight person :-) Felt a bit awkward but hey it has been awhile. I think that a fast pace walk will accompish the same thing though, plus it will be easier on the joints, which is something else I am tossing around in my thoughts.

    Sorry for rambling on with these thoughts...

  14. 14 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 23 Aug, 2013 06:12 AM

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    You’re not rambling and if you are, I am the queen of rambling...
    I stress so much over the protein thing that it’s probably worse than not eating it at all.
    I would think the body would reserve it too but it appears it can only do so much, LOL. I should really ask Dr Ron on the forum/email page what happens and what to do when you lost ALL your weight. I think his answer would be to up the healthy fats as that is the bodies preferred fuel. I have no problem with that as I know mine prefers it but I still look at the low cal thing. However, fasting and calorie restriction are both a ‘new’ healthy diet plan for cancer/auto immune /disease/longevity. Maybe I just answered some of my own questions by rambling, haha.
    Walking is great, far better than running. Chronic cardio is a thing of the past as well. Slow to moderate intensity burns fat and higher intensity burns glycogen. Resistance training is ‘in’ and cardio is ‘out’. I love yoga personally. It’s relaxing and energizing at the same time. I do take walks after dinner weather permitting but they are faster than a stroll but not panting either. I fell into the more exercise is better trap and my health paid the price. Now I try to keep everything balanced and in moderation. Shorter higher intensity resistance and move frequently at a slow to moderate pace ESPECIALLY for a low carber.
    Sounds like you’re doing great but I’m still curious if protein raises you and if so how much. Do you take your own BS or just a have regular labs through your DR?


    BTW, celery is my ‘go to’ food as well, along with nuts/pumpkin seeds or guac with celery

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by Ken on 23 Aug, 2013 12:57 PM

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    Oops! guess I did forget to comment on my protein BS thingy. I take my own BS every few days now. It has been about an hour or so since I had my morning protein, spinach & 1 1/2 teaspon of olive oil mixture. My BS is 87, that's around what it usually is after a meal - while running 60s - 70s otherwise. Mine comes down fairly quickly since I have been using Dr. Ron's Plan. I could probably check in about another hour and it would be in the 70s. "If in" I don't forget I'll test it again in about an hour or so.

    I don't do a lot of celery because of the sugar ratio per stick.

    Your Dr. Ron comment: I think his answer would be to "up the healthy fats" as that is the bodies preferred fuel. are my thoughts as well.

    I'll be starting my coconut oil experiment at my mid-day meal today. I am down a couple pounds since last week and you can also tell that my mid-section reserve pack :-) has followed suit.

    I also wonder if hormones are playing a significant role in your situation.


  16. 16 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 23 Aug, 2013 01:29 PM

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    I’m sure hormones are playing a part as I only got 1.5 hours sleep last night from 6:30am until 8.Uhg!
    I have to tell you I’m happy you replied to my post as you have reminded me of a few things. Such as my portions of salad and veggies have gotten bigger and I know meal size raises me. I’m going back to my romaine wraps for noon, 3 and 6. It’ll keep my “plate” the same size and my protein and fat consistent as well. That seemed to work well for me. I’m not going to worry about how much protein I get. I’m just going to put some on with some healthy fat and a few small toppings for color. I’ll go 3 hours instead of 4.
    Celery sugar? Isn’t it very low carb?
    Does meal size raise you? What were your numbers before and were you low carb? What part of Rosedale helped you the most? I’ve been low carb forever but protein, size and spacing helped me. I also know if I have too much fat with my protein it comes down very slowly!! Which I did have a lot of fat yesterday

    Good luck with coconut and congrats on the weight!

  17. Support Staff 17 Posted by Ken on 23 Aug, 2013 03:59 PM

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    one 7" celery stick reported to be 1g sugar - from a diabetic view I try not to push it - that's why I don't do much broccoli or cauliflower any more.

    Just checked my BS, it is 76, that's down from the 87 earlier.

    Before I started Dr. Ron's Plan my BS would run 160 and up on a 8 hr fast and that was taking meds and 1 shot. When I ate anything it would shoot up to 200 - 300 range. Less than three weeks on Dr. Ron's Plan I was able to get off the meds and shot - that was the first big improvement. Next noticeable thing was the weight loss, then 6 months later was able to completely get off 6 daily meds for my high blood pressure which I had problems with for 25 yrs - even all those meds never did get my BP under control. I have been on ace inhibitors, channel blockers, beta blockers, diuretics and combos of those. To ad insult to injury I began to have problems with my liver, that too has cleared up. So I am very thankful for Dr. Ron's work. God has given him great insight.

    I haven't tested meal size yet - I have a bowl around 1 and half cup in size which I have used for the past year. I mix all my eats into it. I don't really chop my kale or spinach - just pinch it up, throw in 4 or 5 olives when I have them, ad my protein, ad a little water to help wet down the greens. It's basically the same for all 3 meals. There are times that I have an extra bowl of kale or spinach without any protein or olive oil. I just ad a little water, about half teasoon or so of distilled white vinegar & a few drops of hot sauce, tabasco brand. Yummy :-)

    UPS should be delivering my coconut oil any time now.

    UPS delivery just came, going to open that box :-)

  18. 18 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 23 Aug, 2013 05:52 PM

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    WOW! great progress! I’ve only seen mine at 160 once and over 200 twotimes. Once I had a horrible viral infection and was drinking pedialite(all sugar). Went to the ER and that was the 1st time my sugars were noticed. The next time I gorged on peanut M&M’s thinking the 1st time was just infection and it was 218. Took a quick stroll around the block and it was down to 130 10 min later. Meal size makes a big difference for me. And adding extra fat brings it up slower but keeps it there longer.
    My new bowl is romaine lettuce.I travel with my food a lot so this will help. I use the same size bowl at home but apparently I need a smaller one, LOL. My numbers were more like yours until I increased my salad size. Thanks for reminding me!

    kale and spinach are filling and I think I ‘ll make a veggie wrap tonight. I sometimes drizzle a little tahini on it. Nice flavor, something different

    Gotta go get a new small bowl! 1 1/2 cups does not seem like much unless you pinch it pretty small. I have also found I do NEED veggies to keep it down. Protein alone doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your responses. It’s helping me remember what I did when I 1st started. I used an appetizer plate and that was that. Numbers were great. Gotta get back on track!

  19. 19 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 23 Aug, 2013 07:15 PM

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    You also reminded me of keep things simple. I used to love to cook gourmet foods and that is gone.I guess I still try to get tricky. My husband does the same as you but he eats a huge kale and spinach salad at 11,2 and 6 topped with 21g protein of some sort. My cooking now consists of buying protein in bulk, cooking it all and putting it in snack baggies in 14 an 21 g portions and freezing. Then we just defrost in cold water and put on salads. Do you eat canned salmon and tuna or fresh? We do both. You also reminded me to not over eat fat with protein and to save fat for snacks. It’s been about two years and I’m thinking I got further off track than I thought so thank you Ken! I’m going to go with simple and routine. My nature of cooking for a family, planning meals and experimental gourmet cooking has to go!
    I’m looking forward to hearing how you like the coconut oil!

  20. Support Staff 20 Posted by Ken on 23 Aug, 2013 08:49 PM

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    I do canned salmon & tuna - it is cheaper and easier to stack in pantry.

    At present I buy Alaskan Pink Salmon - 14.75 oz. can - enough protein for 6 meals (2 days) according to label the entire can has about 84g of protein. When spooning some out for my salad I have learned to visualize about the size of a deck of cards that is mentioned in Dr. Ron's book. I guess-ta-mate that I get around 14g of protein per meal, give or take a mg :-)

    Big bag of Kale or Spinach under $3.00 ea. Each last me 6 to 7 days, depending on brand, some bags don't have as much as others. Broccoli & Cauliflower around same price, just don't get as much out them.

    Out of curiosity I just did another BS check and it was 77, so it is still doing great.

    With the new oil I got today I started out with just 1 teaspoon, I haven't had any ill effects so for evening meal believe I will try 2 teaspoons.

    Olive Oil isn't expensive here so I get the half gallon extra virgin which last me awhile.

    I feel that my body as a whole has been going thru some repairing over the past year and perhaps this Thanksgiving & Christmas I will delve into a little gourmet cooking for a couple meals - with a shiny new bowl :-)

  21. 21 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 24 Aug, 2013 01:06 PM

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    we buy the canned salmon too but I also like fresh chunks. I also like to watch my metals and plastics with my food. Also, lots of canned fish is cooked twice minimizing the Omega 3’s so that’s another reason I like fresh. I buy big fillets at Costco and roast the whole thing and cut into portions and freeze. I always have some poultry, red meats and multiple fish choices and I get up in the morning and decide what I want and defrost in a bowl of cold water.

    Have you ever looked into the Blood Type Diet?That combined with The Rosedale Diet have done wonders for repairing my body. So you know, all of what you are eating, sans the coconut oil is very beneficial for you. The biggest ‘avoid’ things are wheat, corn, dairy,peanuts,pork. The best things are red meats, most proteins except weird fish like clams and snails (barf) spinach,broccoli. O’s are also to be low carb and most do best without grains/starch/sugar but who doesn’t? Seems you’ve done well without knowing it. I have found most of the foods he says to avoid do cause issues so combining the two diets works wonderfully. I had horrid digestive trouble and it helped that a ton. I do love my foods but I dream of just picking up an apple and eating it slathered in peanut butter. I will take a bite or two and that doesn’t do damage. An apple can last me 5 days, LOL and I usually throw some out. I seem to require more food than you and you may too once your reserves are gone. Some days more than others as well.

    Went out for our anniversary dinner last night and I ordered a spinach cobb salad but asked to just get the plate of spinach and a separate plate with all the sides. Then I just took the appropriate amount of egg, chx (one bite to taste) bacon, toasted pecans and a bit of blue cheese. I carry a small bottle of olive oil in my purse so I put that on with sea salt and added a tich of the parmesan peppercorn dressing as I NEVER eat processed foods but LOVE that dressing and I was a happy girl! Seems so funny that the salad was a treat more than the desserts would have been! I wasn’t interested in those at all. I am a person who loves all food except egg plant and lima beans and I’ve given almost all of it up. Now I can’t have a meal without a salad or veggies. I crave them!

    Just be careful with the coconut oil. They say to go slow as it can cause some gastro intestinal issues. It’s also very detoxing but you are right about the MCT’s. Scrambled eggs are wonderful in it. Are you just eating it off a spoon?

    We go through (mostly my husband) 2 huge bags of kale and one spinach a week from Costco. A lot of my lettuce is romaine as I love the crunch but I love the baby kale and spinach. I put a few drops of oil in my hand and grab a handful of leaves and massage it. It breaks down the fibers and takes away any bitter taste. I cannot eat the large kale. Can’t digest it unless it’s cooked. I have been buying swiss chard by the bunches at farmers markets and cooking and freezing it. I throw a few pinches on my salads.
    My how my eating habits have changed! I can’t imagine eating the way I used to

  22. 22 Posted by Kristin Nagel on 24 Aug, 2013 04:24 PM

    Kristin Nagel's Avatar

    also, does resistance training raise you? Yoga raises me sometimes but not others. That bugs me. Not a lot, maybe 10 or so but still...

  23. Support Staff 23 Posted by Ken on 24 Aug, 2013 07:40 PM

    Ken's Avatar

    Hi Kristin

    (Your Q) Have you ever looked into the Blood Type Diet?

    (My A) I came across an article sometime back that mentioned a little about it but didn't follow up on it.

    (Your Comment) Went out for our anniversary dinner last night and I ordered a spinach cobb salad.

    (My Response) My wife & I celebrated our 42nd anniversary last week, I had a larger than usual chicken salad - I too carry around a small container of Olive Oil, get some funny stares from folks at times :-).

    (Your Comment) Just be careful with the coconut oil.

    (My Response) Thought I would try a table spoon this morn with my spinach - I should have stuck with a teaspoon until I get use to it. :-) I'll do a teaspoon with eve meal. or may have been too much tabasco & vinegar mixed in.

    (Your Q) does resistance training raise you?

    (My A) I have never checked - I'll take a before & after Monday when I resume.

    (Your Comment) My how my eating habits have changed! I can’t imagine eating the way I used to

    (My Response) I know what you mean, although it has been just over a year now - I do not want to go back to the way I was. Thankful again for Dr. Ron's continued work and also his staff, can't leave them out. I'm sure they have ran into resistance.

  24. 24 Posted by John Theobald on 30 Dec, 2013 09:57 PM

    John Theobald's Avatar

    I eat my appropriate amount of protein which for me is about 70-75 grams per day. But I eat much more oil than you seems to. I eat about 6 - 7 oz of oil and am still slowly losing the last 5 pounds. I will then increase my oil higher. I'm 71 yo and do body by science weight lifting once per week and walk a mile a day. It seems that you may be very low in oil (absolute not percentage). Good luck.

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